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CORE: For the July 29 meeting scheduled for 9:30 AM at the Courthouse Jury Assembly Room

The Jury Selection Room holds just under 600 people.  Approximately 400 people have already provided notice that they will attend.  Given these numbers, we encourage everyone to arrive before 9:30 AM in order to start on time.  We hope that persons who have taken the time to respond will be able to participate even though there are walk-ins who did not reply.

Once again — Respond to  thebedellfirm@bedellfirm.com   State YES and the number planning to attend.

In attendance will be Chief Judge Mark Mahon and 8th Circuit Judge Robert Rountree, who runs the state’s trial Court Budget Committee and controls the purse strings.  9th Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon, who chairs the Supreme Court’s Florida Courts Technology Commission, the mother ship of this exercise, will also address the group.  Clerk Ronnie Fussell and his senior staff will take responsibility for educating everyone on the new logistics of CORE.

It is hoped the meeting will last approximately 90 minutes.

Thanks to The Jacksonville Bar Association for their assistance in this effort, including providing coffee to everyone.  Other refreshments are available in the lounge down the hall.





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