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Sponsor Levels


Diamond Sponsor

Exclusive Business Relationship

The Diamond Sponsor level is the only Exclusive JBA Sponsorship in a given business category.  The Jacksonville Bar Association will not accept any sponsors for JBA events from your competitors without prior approval from you. ALL of the JBA activities on the Sponsorship Opportunities page in addition to many others are included in your annual sponsorship!


GoldGold Sponsor

A Jacksonville Bar Association annual Gold Level Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to network with over 2,000 JBA members. Don’t miss out! Create a generous package of events from the Sponsorship Opportunities page that will give your business the type of exposure you find most helpful and have the opportunity to attend each activity!



SilverSilver Sponsor

When you become an annual Silver Level Sponsor for The Jacksonville Bar Association, you can begin to sample the programs attended by our members.  Start becoming acquainted with our 2,000 lawyers! Choose activities from the Sponsorship Opportunities page that are most appealing to you, attend those events, and learn what a difference JBA sponsorship can make for your business.


Please call for more information about any of these sponsorship levels.


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